We can all agree that 2023 is about new home design possibilities and a fresh start, especially about the place where we invest so much of our energy. Be that as it may, the wear and tear on our “some quarters” is showing, and we find ourselves reassessing how spaces work and don’t work, for us in our new standard.

Our homes are not only a roof over our heads to keep us safe and warm; they can also be a place of inspiration, productivity, peace, and satisfaction. Very much like you, your home can multi-task far superior when it feels and puts its best self forward. So, where do you begin?

Let’s take a gander at renovation ideas that drive value and bring euphoria.

Visual refreshers with a big impact on home design.

Adding new paint and beautiful tile, updating counters, incorporating pops of personality with wallpaper, and upgrading furniture… .these all give your home a breath of fresh air. We love mixing surfaces and patterns to bring in your personality and make an existing space feel like an entirely different place to live, work, and play.

Functional renovations are always in style.

Creating more designed spaces to work, spread out, find alone time and even get in a workout… all under one roof… is challenging yet so achievable. We can’t help confessing, we are masters at giving unused spaces a new inspiration that fits your style and your family.

Home design offices transformed into inspiring spaces.

We found these stats interesting. With the unexpected mandate to quarantine and work from home, we wound up making kitchens and dining room tables into “offices.” It was fine for a while, yet it’s time to create a space that is functional and also inspiring.

We take a gander at many design factors that make your home office work for you… including choosing the best lighting, the right variety plot, a mix of surfaces, unique work areas, and creating storage that has style.

Bathrooms as a spa oasis.

Some key design components we suggest are adding dynamic tile patterns with a personality to an accent wall, incorporating lighting with dimmable options, upgrading showers and baths, and mixing patterns and surfaces for a unique look that makes you feel comfortable.

Entertainment spaces are essential.

Basements are often blank canvases with wide open spaces or underutilized areas that need definition and reason. We renovate basements of all sizes into wonderful spaces for families to reconnect and take staycations to a higher level.

On trend yet always in class.

While we stay ahead of patterns, we also stay consistent with what makes us so unique — our designs stand against everyday hardship. The designs we created when we first began this amazing excursion still look fantastic today.