If the ubiquitous all-white kitchen look simply isn’t for you, we’re here to encourage you to embrace the au natural and go with wood cabinetry.

If you’re having flashbacks of your grandma’s dated, orange-shaded wood kitchen, stop in that general area. Natural wood kitchens can be beautiful, contemporary, and even surprising in the all-white kitchen landscape.

Here’s how to make wood cabinets work for you:

  • If you have a contemporary design esthetic: Pick cabinets with clean lines and minimal decoration
  • If you want a rich, elegant feel: Select a dark wood tone, and pair it with light or white colors throughout the remainder of the kitchen
  • If you’re aiming for effortless energy: Light wood brings a lighter, airier feel
  • If you crave contrast: Consider contrasting your cabinets with profound black or dazzling white accents, embrace the two-tone cabinet look, or add a standout backsplash

To banish any lingering worry over creating a look that’s dated or drab, we’ve pulled together 6 stellar examples of kitchens that utilize wood as their stand-out component. Allow these images to act as inspiration for your ideal, wood-driven kitchen.

Cabinetry in a modern style:

Why it works: This kitchen incorporates at least one or two tones of the same color, from the dark natural wood of the edge cabinets to the eye-catching blue of the backsplash to the exceptionally light flooring. Another small yet stunning detail that makes this kitchen durable – is you can see the grain in all of the wood components, giving the kitchen an overall contemporary yet still warm and comfortable feel.

Why it works: This space is a tribute to simplicity. The natural wood shows off its grain and bunches, while the white backsplash, counters, and light apparatuses keep things neutral, allowing the natural lines and surface of the wood to stand out. Since the kitchen area is small, the color plot helps open up the space.

Cabinetry in dark colors:

Why it works: This kitchen makes an impact, especially after looking at the other kitchens we’ve included up to this point. Here, the utilization of dark wood is heavy, yet it works because the property holders went all out, carrying the cabinets up onto the ceiling to create a full portion of drama. The rich, finished wood adds to that impact.

Cabinetry with contrasting finishes:

Why it works: Going with wood for your island and sticking with white cabinets everywhere else is a great way to blend two looks you love. This dark wood island adds a surface and a natural component to an otherwise light, brilliant kitchen.

Cabinetry in a light color:

Why it works: Natural components work well together in the kitchen similarly to in nature. Here, the wood tones are light and the center goes to the beautiful arrangement of white titles on the back wall.

Wood can be striking or neutral; finished or smooth; light, dark, or in between. There are many ways to make it work in your kitchen, so take note of your favorite ideas and see what catches your eye.