There are a lot of motivations to cherish Cambria quartz countertops in the kitchen: they’re nonporous, scratch-safe, and strikingly lovely. Yet, for what reason should the kitchen stand out enough to be noticed?

The application opportunities for Cambria’s surfaces stretch a long way past kitchen countertops. Steps, dividers, chimneys, tabletops, work areas, and more can make a current, upkeep-free class in your home.

Where to Use Cambria Quartz

Cambria plans are great for use all through any home, from divider cladding to chimney encompassing kitchen countertops and washroom vanities.

The following are a couple of surprising ways of utilizing Cambria quartz surfaces around the home.

Flights of stairs

Provide your visitors with the appearance of glory with an exquisite hall by utilizing quartz on your steps. With a broad plan inventory and your decision of a Cambria High Gloss™ or Cambria Matte™ finish, you’re certain to track down the ideal tone and example to supplement your home and dividers. As an extra advantage, Cambria’s Paint Match Apparatus makes it simpler than at any other time to pick the best shading range to combine with each plan.

The deck on a flight of stairs encounters more traffic than most surfaces in the home, yet Cambria is capable. The exceptional hardness of the quartz implies your steps will not bow or break under significant burden when appropriately introduced.


Hardcore stains require uncompromising cleaning agents and a lot of real effort, to treat and eliminate. With all of the cleaning showers, fade, cleansers, and different synthetics typically present in a pantry, pick a surface that will not ingest any poisonous fluids or experience drawing.


While the nourishment for those evening gatherings might be ready in the kitchen, where will your visitors partake in that load of delightful dishes? Benefit as much as possible from your Cambria surfaces by coordinating with your lounge area table to your kitchen counters. You can keep it basic by utilizing a similar plan all through, or pick one of the recommended integral plans from Cambria’s site.


Cambria can likewise give an exquisite touch to your chimney, catching the flashing gleam to make a captivating emanation, lighting up the room, and making a feature of this lounge highlight. Chimney encompasses made with Cambria hoist any space, while as yet keeping up with execution and strength. A Cambria chimney encompass is not difficult to clean, so you don’t need to stress over residue or debris developing on a superficial level. The encompassing hotness from the fire likewise will not harm your quartz, regardless of whether you utilize normal logs or gas.

Work areas

Giving your workspace a planned redesign can provide you with an increase in certainty and efficiency. If you telecommute, you’re spending a greater part of your day in this space, so why not make it excellent?

Game Rooms

Regardless of whether “gaming” to you implies prepackaged games, poker evenings, or computer games, your game room needs surfaces that can bear up to late evenings with companions, beverages, and bites. Cambria surfaces are ideally suited for a gaming table: the stone will not stain from things like rings from drink glasses, will not be harmed from clacking dice, and will not scrape from regular mileage.


Cambria’s surfaces are a phenomenal decision for bartops, which are presented to visit spills, citrus acids, and are routinely cleaned and cleaned with disinfecting items.

Since these surfaces are nonporous, they don’t ingest any spilled or sprinkled fluids, so they will not grow, twist, or stain, in any event, when presented to profoundly pigmented fluids like wines and squeezes. They additionally will not respond with citrus acids from a margarita turned out badly.

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