A kitchen remodelling is a thrilling endeavor and a major venture. At the point when you set forth that much energy, cash, and exertion, you need to feel sure with the choices you make en route, and there is a great deal of them! From variety plan and configuration style to design and sorts of materials, of the relative multitude of choices before you, countertops are generally a big deal, and granite is a famous decision all the time.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which granite isn’t by and large reasonable, or you essentially need to go with an alternate sort of stone. Knowing the elective choices for granite countertops can assist you with settling on a sure choice that meets best your requirements, way of life, and spending plan. That is the reason we’ve assembled this convenient aide. All things considered, you have to the point of pondering on top of deciding how and what to gobble while your kitchen’s destroyed!

Best Budget-Friendly Granite Countertop Alternatives

There are a few materials that can be utilized to reduce countertop expenses, including overlay, wood, and cement, however assuming your heart is set on stone, not to stress – you have a few savvy choices.


Normally hotness and stain safe, harmless to the ecosystem, and sturdy (and goodness, definitely, reasonable!), soapstone countertops are an incredible option in contrast to granite, donning a comparable regular stone look alongside an implicit hindrance to microscopic organisms. That implies they’re ideally suited for occupied families who are searching for perfect and enduring stone countertops yet don’t have any desire to hold back on style. Normally, soapstone comes in darker shades of blue, green, and gray, so assuming this matches your fantasy kitchen tones, it’s an incredible decision for you!


One method for getting away from the sticker price of a full slab is to consider getting it in tile structure. Tiles can offer similar extraordinary stone countertop characteristics and appearance yet at a lower cost. Certainly, there is caulking included, yet with ordinary upkeep and fixing, similarly likewise with a countertop, you can keep tiled counters spotless and putting their best self forward for quite a long time.

Granite Remnants

Prepare to have your mind blown. You don’t need to preclude granite countertops presently. Granite remainders are altogether limited bits of granite extra from different activities. This choice is most certainly worth investigating as you could observe a piece that is the ideal size and shape to meet your requirements. Then, at that point, you don’t claim to know everything. You can have those granite countertops all things considered!

Best identical Granite Countertop Choices

If you love the delightful way granite looks however not the amount it costs, there’s uplifting news. It is possible to track down a stone that mirrors the vibe of granite, yet not the cost of it! The two elective choices nearest in tasteful to granite are marble and quartz.


With its exquisite veining and ageless look, marble stays an exemplary countertop decision that is accessible in an assortment of varieties and examples. Most marble is light in variety, yet not all, so regardless of whether you’re searching for a choice on the darker side, you can get a similar top-of-the-line look of granite at a lower cost.


Quartz is the mix of genuine quartz stone and tar that makes it very strong. It’s likewise really flexible – it very well may be made to impersonate the appearance of granite in essentially anything that conceals you need!

Quartzite is likewise a choice that gives you a comparative look. It doesn’t have the splendor or added folios of quartz, yet at the same time offers the look and strength of granite.

Best Sturdy Granite Countertop options

At the point when sturdiness beats your rundown of countertop needs, as referenced above, quartz is your smartest option! Since it’s produced using a blend of for the most part genuine quartz and extra polyresin covers, a quartz countertop gives an unshakable surface, yet in addition an unshakable decision and speculation!