Quartz countertops continue to increase in popularity as today’s mortgage holders are choosing this material for its beauty and practicality. In any case, what amount do you be aware of quartz? This month, we have placed together a tomfoolery quiz on certain facts and fiction about quartz that will test your knowledge and keep you in the know while deciding on a countertop surface for your home. Perceive the number you know. No cheating. The answers are below.


  1. Quartz countertops are man-made.
  2. Quartz is the most abundant and hardest mineral on Earth’s crust.
  3. Quartz can be made to seem to be granite, marble, and other natural stones.
  4. Quartz is nonporous and thus doesn’t need sealing, which decreases the chance of harmful bacterial growth on the surface.
  5. Quartz chips and cracks easily.
  6. Quartz is stain-and heat-resistant.
  7. Quartz weighs not as much as granite and has a unique veined appearance.
  8. Quartz is appropriate for outdoors and directs daylight.
  9. Quartz is a great option for large surfaces.
  10. All manufacturers of quartz are created equal.

Let’s see how well you did.

  1. Fact. In contrast to natural slab granite (which delivers naturally on Earth), quartz countertops are a mix of natural quartz and polymer resins.
  2. Fiction. Feldspar is the most abundant mineral tracked down on Earth’s continental crust (with quartz coming in second). Diamonds are the hardest minerals tracked down on Earth.
  3. Fact. By adjusting the cycle, the surface of quartz can be manufactured to be fine or coarse. By adding shades to the blend, the material can take on a palette of varying colors.
  4. Fact. We offer a wide variety of quartz countertops that are part of our exclusive product offering. They are sans maintenance and permanently sealed innovation – our proprietary sealing ingredient that guarantees your surface won’t ever require sealing.
  5. Fiction. Quartz is naturally thick and hard, making it profoundly resistant to chips and cracks.
  6. Fact. Since quartz is nonporous, it’s a champion at resisting stains. And with regards to heat, quartz stands up to hot pots and pans with equal strength – taking the worry of busy cooking evenings.
  7. Fiction. Quartz weighs more than granite and – because of its unique manufacturing process – has a uniform appearance.
  8. Fiction. Quartz isn’t suggested for outdoor installation since direct daylight and prolonged heat openness can damage the material.
  9. Fact. Since it is manufactured in long, thick slabs, quartz is ideally suited for large surfaces (like countertops and islands) and can be installed in one piece.
  10. Fiction. There are several quartz manufacturers in the industry. In any case, not all are created equal. We use unique proprietary cycles which give our items their exclusive look and separate them from the rest. That’s the reason we can back our items with a Lifetime Restricted Warranty.

We trust this informative quiz has answered a portion of your questions about quartz countertops. Regardless of the number of questions, you answered correctly, you currently know as an educated consumer to make the best decision whenever you’re in the market for another countertop. And don’t forget about your backsplash and cabinets.