There’s a reason why granite countertops is by a long shot the most popular choice for countertops. It’s incredibly durable, scratch, stain, and spill-resistant, and can withstand heat, allowing you to place hot pans straight onto its surface. It enjoys one added benefit – the fact that it looks stunning and imparts a luxury vibe to any home. Quarried straight from the earth, this natural stone arrives in an array of colors that make it a conversation starter in any home. Did you realize that simply by putting some thought into the aesthetics of your countertop, you can bring about a brilliant change and add a touch of glamor to any home? We show you how.

Granite countertops‘ available color options.

With granite, the one thing you have to remember is that since this is a quarried stone, while the range of colors it naturally comes in is breathtaking, they won’t all be exactly alike. This is, in fact, a significant part of the appeal of granite – the character and uniqueness it brings to the table, or in this case, to your countertops. The most effective way to guarantee maximum consistency is to get stones from the same quarry. However, you should still be prepared for each slab to have its appeal and quirks.

This doesn’t take away from the spectacular range of colors the stone naturally comes in; studded with swirls, specks, and delicate veining that sparkle and catch the light, making your countertops look magnificent. The variety of colors will leave you spoiled for choice. Ranging from reds to golds, blacks, dark tans, midnight tones like profound blues and greens, or even gem stones that have sufficient profundity and shimmer to grab eyeballs, each with its development and variations, the range of colors is more elegant than the last.

Whether you’re looking at soft shades, bolder tints, or contrasting accents, the nuance in each slab is astonishing, and irrespective of the ambiance of the space, whether it is classic or warm, sophisticated or comfortable, quirky or rustic, there’s a shade and slab to suit each home.

While picking your granite countertops, it’s important to see the design and layout of your home and the remainder of the style to guarantee it either mixes in or contrasts beautifully, depending on the look you’re going in for. Apart from the look, see what feel you want your place to give off. And the size of the room is a factor to battle with as well. Thus, for instance, regardless of whether you favor a dark, sophisticated palette however your rooms are small, your countertop in a profound shade could make the space look considerably smaller. Be that as it may, play around to see what works.

A white room, for example, could be highly enhanced by a dramatic flair that black granite countertops can provide, and in this case, since the black is simply restricted to the countertop, the white tint of the remainder of the room will guarantees the space looks larger even with the dark slab.

Luckily, since granite is stain-resistant, you don’t have to avoid picking a light tint regardless of whether your kitchen is occupied. Simply wipe up spills and wrecks as they happen, and you’re all set. Make sure, however, that you take care of any oil spills immediately, as this is one liquid that can stain granite, especially a lighter-shaded slab. So remember this point while picking your color as well. Also, don’t feel you have to be restricted to only one shade, yet feel free to mix it up.

You can pick an unobtrusive shade for your perimeter however choose a strong one for your island. The other aspect you want to pay attention to is your lighting, as the slab can appear to be unique under different lights. Thus, recall that what looks great under the shop lights might not be the same under artificial or warm lighting, so pay attention to this while picking your countertop color too.