There are many ways to create a kitchen that makes a statement – – however, have you taken a stab at searching for inspiration? Kitchen ceilings are often disregarded, yet act as an ideal blank canvas for architectural, creative details.

We should take a gander at three popular and easy-to-carry out ceiling designs for kitchens so you can track down the look that fits your style.

Partially detailed kitchen ceilings

If you have a large, open space and want to create some separation, or assuming you’re frugal, this kitchen ceiling design look may be the one. The idea is to add detail to just a portion of the kitchen – – for example, a small segment focused over an island

By picking a smaller area, you’ll save on materials and labor, create some visual interest in the room and give the area an exceptional vibe.

While wood is a popular go-to material for kitchen ceiling designs, tin is a remarkable and eye-catching choice. At the point when you use tin in just a small area of the kitchen ceiling, it makes an impact without being overpowering.

To go too bold, pick beadboard. It gives an extra portion of style, surface, and assuming that you’re searching for extra oomph, color. Paint the beadboard a contrasting color to make it stand out.

Wooden beams adorn the kitchen ceilings.

Beams offer structural help, so you may be frustrated to find that when you want to remodel a kitchen ceiling, they just can’t be taken out. We figure those beams can be a gift, however, because they’re inherent architectural details that can be used to create unusual kitchen ceilings.

You can create square segments by adding new beams to the current configuration. If you have an open floor plan, you can use this hope to associate the kitchen with another room in the house by keeping the same look across the whole ceiling or use it to separate the kitchen from the remainder of the space by limiting the square lattice to the kitchen.

While adding beams, you could have to reconfigure your kitchen cabinets – – however, there’s a creative answer for each design challenge.

Skylights in the kitchen ceilings

Skylights are an amazing way to get more light in your kitchen and add visual interest (what’s superior to gazing upward and seeing the sky, sun, and trees?!). There is a ton of flexibility with skylights, too – – you can design them to span across the room or be concentrated in one area; to be placed straight or at various angles.

Skylights and a wall of windows join to give twofold the view. It breaks up the expansive ceiling space, creates interest, and adds a lot of light. This same look is one of our favorite small kitchen ceiling ideas because it works well as long as you have a peak-style ceiling.

Another of our favorite kitchen ceiling ideas: add one large lookout window that spans a major portion of the kitchen. This improved look gives the uninterrupted light shine access. The cabinets could go up to the ceiling however instead, designers decided to incorporate clerestory windows to give considerably more light.

Extraordinary kitchen ceilings are startling – – and that’s the reason we love them to such an extent. Assuming you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, don’t ignore the opportunity to explore kitchen ceiling designs that will leave your next evening gathering’s visitors with their eyes to the sky.